We are all in this together, and need one another’s support. Whether you are socially distancing alone, or home with children who are not in school, we have professionals willing to help. You just need to call, and we will find the counselor to best meet your needs.


Most insurances now allow telehealth services and we will check your insurance through our office.

  • On-going appointments will be done with either video or audio-only formats depending on your insurance requirements
  • Families with children at home may need additional supports and we are here to provide that support
  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression can increase in times of crisis for any age, and we at CJH are available to help.


Covid-19 has presented many of us in the world, our country, and our own lives unique challenges we were not expecting to face. In these times of increased stress, changes in routines, and concerns for the well-being of family and friends, social distancing can take an increased toll on emotions and on a person’s mental health.