Frequently Asked Questions

All CJ Hendry counselors and interns are credentialed by the Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Marriage and Family Therapist Board (OCSWMFTB). For specific licenses and other qualification information, see Our Providers tab or contact our Office Administrator at (440) 892-7034.  

During assessment, our counselors will discuss your unique needs and recommend a specific combination of services designed to help you reach your goals. Many CJ Hendry clients receive both individual and family/marriage services concurrently, and our providers are experienced at navigating multiple layers of service and support.  

Your first official office visit with a CJ Hendry provider will serve as your assessment. You don’t need to do anything special to prepare – our providers will ask you a set of questions designed to clarify your goals and create a customized plan to help you achieve them. While you may decide to continue with the assessing provider, you may find that a provider with another specialty – or a team of CJ Hendry professionals working together – is the best fit for you. The goal of an assessment is to get to know you – and for you to get to know us – in a safe, supportive environment.

CJ Hendry offers a variety of group and workshop services on different cycles throughout the year. We base decisions about services on our clients’ needs, providers’ core competencies, and many other factors. To view an up-to-date list of services and events, find us on Facebook and view the Events tab for more information.  

CJ Hendry accepts most major commercial insurance providers. Some employers offer Employee Assistance Programs that include CJ Hendry as a provider. If you are considering beginning counseling with CJ Hendry, you might consider contacting your Human Resources department to see if one or more sessions are covered under your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

While CJ Hendry accepts most major insurance plans, we also understand that many individuals may need additional assistance to take advantage of our services. We work with our patients to develop a payment structure that fits their needs. To learn more, contact 440-892-7034 or e-mail