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Hungry for Help?
Are you struggling with an Eating Disorder?
We are here to help. 

An Eating Disorder Anonymous Support Group, following the 
Twelve Step Model is facilitated by Jennifer Callahan and held on Mondays from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  
New Location:  20525 Center Ridge Rd., Suite 502, Rocky River, OH  44116
Contact Jennifer for more information:

How will I know if this group is right for me? 
• I am struggling or have struggled with symptoms of an eating disorder 
• I want to change my urges to binge, purge or restrict my food intake 
• I desire support for my eating disorder with others who are going through the same difficulty 
• I want to pursue change in my life and own my recovery, utilizing the Twelve Step approach 

Group Location: 20525 Center Ridge Rd., Suite 502, Rocky River, OH  44116

Please contact Jennifer at her email  with any additional questions: