Our consulting clinical psychologist, James E. Kaplar, Ph.D., is an American Psychological Association (APA) Licensed Psychologist with over 30 years clinical experience. Your counselor may decide to seek his expertise to aid in providing you with quality treatment.

For more information about Dr. Kaplar please click here.


During the course of counseling, specialized medications to treat depression, anxiety, or other disorders may be recommended. In this case we will discuss a variety of referral options with you.

Our consulting psychiatrist is Said A. Haidar, M.D., who maintains a private practice in Avon Lake. If you choose to see him for an evaluation, with your permission he will send a written report of his assessment to your counselor to provide a continuum of care.


We have developed a network of professional relationships to better serve our clients. Should we wish to confer with one of these specialists regarding your treatment, we will discuss our recommendation with you.